Name: Christof LindermannNature: Competitor Clan: Gangrel
Demeanor: Fanatic Concept: Soldier
Physical Social Mental
Strength @@@OO Charisma @@@OO Perception @@OOO
Dexterity (1) @@@@@ Manipulation (2) @@@OO Intelligence @@OOO
Stamina @@OOO Appearance @@OOO Wits @@OOO
Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness @@OOO Animal Ken (2)@@@OO Academics OOOOO
Athletics @@OOO Ride OOOOO Enigmas OOOOO
Awareness OOOOO Etiquette OOOOO Occult @@@OO
Brawl @@@OO Firearms OOOOO Law OOOOO
Dodge OOOOO Melee @@@@O Investigation OOOOO
Expression OOOOO Stealth @@@OO Science OOOOO
Intimidation OOOOO Performance OOOOO LinguisticsOOOOO
Leadership OOOOO Survival@@@OO Medicine OOOOO
Streetwise OOOOO CraftsOOOOO Politics @@000
Subterfuge OOOOO
Animalism OOOOO Fortitude @@OOO Protean @@OOO
Backgrounds Blood Pool Health
Allies @@OOO O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Bruised -0 : O
Generation@@@@@ Hurt -1 : O
Status @@OOO Willpower Injured -1 : O
Resources @@OOO O O O O O O O O O O O Wounded -2 : O
@ @ @ @ @ O O O O O Mauled -2 : O
Virtues HumanityCrippled -5 : O
Conscience @@OOO @ @ @ @ @ @ O O O O O Incapacitated X : O
Self Control@@@OO
Courage @@@@@ Experience:
Merits Flaws
AmbidextrousPhysical, 1 pointNightmaresMental, 1 point
Catlike BalancePhysical, 1 pointDark SecretSocial, 1 point
Iron WillMental, 3 pointDark FateSupernatural, 5 point
Prestigious SireSocial, 1 point
Natural LeaderSocial, 1 point
Notes: (1) Dex Spec. - Lightning Reflexes (2) Animal Ken Spec. - Birds of Prey
Allies: Christof has a non-Sabbat Tzimisce friend in Prague who fought alongside him in the 30 Years War. Christof still keeps regular contact with the man, who is currently working as a Weaponsmith, crafting all sorts of things from the bones of dead animals he feeds off of.
Status: After learning of Christof's success in the 30 Years War, the French and Indian War, and the American Revolution, vampires started holding him in higher regard. The prince of Atlanta and an elder of the Gangrel clan have bestowed upon him the rank of Ancilla.
Resources: Christof, being the natural fighter and hunter he is, ventures into the wilds outside the city to hunt down animals, kill them, and return their flesh to the local butchers for money.
Christof's haven is in a small log cabin outside the city. It covers approximately 50 square feet, providing enough room for him to store his weapons(A battle axe, a scimitar and a broadsword, and various knives) and still rest comfortably during the day. He has filled every hole in the walls with pitch, preventing the sun from permeating into his haven.


     Christof Lindermann was born on January 16th, 1604 in the city of Bremen. Raised in a Catholic family, he can be considered a normal child for the times. His life went well and very much uninterrupted by tragic events until the 30 Years War broke out in 1618. Eager to help fight, he asked his parents to let him join the army, but they denied him permission until he was 20. So in 1624, Christof left his home and joined the military.
     Christof joined a primitve group of mercenaries known as the Black Dragons. Led by a man named Jürge of Fronsperg, they were incredibly powerful on the battlefield. Jürge, however, was a strange man. His fingernails were unusually long and sharp, and he kept his entire body covered during the day, exposing no skin to the warmth of the sun. He was a Vampire.
     Christof found this out one night, when he saw Jürge sucking on the neck of a corpse from the battle that had ended an hour before. When Jürge noticed him, he bared his fangs and offered Christof a choice. The choice to become a Vampire, or die. Christof, knowing he was a good fighter and not wanting his skills to end aiding his lands in combat, chose to live an eternity of unlife. Jürge performed the Embrace, and taught Christof the ways of Clan Gangrel, and explained the history of the Kindred, telling Christof that he was 10th generation, and only 9 vampires were between him and the First.
     One night, Jürge's sire, Wenzel, came to meet with Jürge and to check on Christof, his grandchilde. As they sat around a campfire, a few werewolves assaulted them. Jürge died in the fray, and Wenzel was severely weakened, and low on blood. Christof went into a frenzy after seeing his sire die, and destroyed the remaining wolves, yet his frenzy forced him to attack and diablerize Wenzel, granting him the 8th generation.
     He came out of his frenzy soon afterwards. He saw what he did, and mutilated the bodies of his sire and grandsire and disposed of all the werewolf bodies not in Lupus form, to disguise the diablerie as a Werewolf attack. He has kept his sin secret to this day, fearing the ramifications of the knowledge spreading.
     In about 1640, Christof transferred to a regiment called the Night Raiders, who worked only at night. He found a few other Kindred among its ranks, the most prominent of them named Johann Schneider. He was a Tzimisce, and was the second strongest member of the group. Christof was the best. The two fought side by side regularly, and developed a good friendship.
     In 1648, the war ended. Johann went to Berlin for a while, and Christof wandered around Europe for 40 years. In 1688, he found himself in England, and decided to board a ship and go to the Americas. Favoring the warmer climate and more solitary lifestyle, he settled in the south. He lived in the Appalachian mountains for several years, separated from society and feeding on animals while honing his combat skills against the werewolf pups that occasionally attacked him. He has collected a set of 58 Werewolf claws, all ripped from the right index finger of a defeated wolf. He treasures these, and has strung the claws of the ten strongest wolves onto a necklace that he wears constantly.
     When the French and Indian War broke out, Christof snuck out of the mountains to defend the British colonies. He did sneak attacks on Indian tribes and various French camps, killing many troops under the cover of night. He was never discovered. Vampires who watched his moves in the 30 Years War were surprised to see Christof in America, even more surprised to see him alive and fighting. He would surprise them even more soon...
     Christof was a fighter and a bit of a patriot. He thought of himself as an American, so when the Revolution started, he immediately took to his sneak attacks he used in the French and Indian war. He killed thousands of British soldiers like this. His elders watched him with great interest, and after contemplating his exploits in the three wars, made him a Gangrel Ancilla.
     Around 1783, Christof went back to Georgia and built a cabin for himself, resting during the day in caves dug with his feral claws. He lived there quietly, hunting animals and selling pelts and meat to local merchants, for the next 40 years
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