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Hey, welcome to my site, have fun while you're here. This is my main page, also serving as my news page, update scheduling page, etc.
News for February 9, 2002:
Well, nothing much. Just decided to update it since, well, it's been over two months since I updated. Anyways, as far as site news goes, most things are fixed and should work, but there are undoubtedly things wrong here and there. So, I will try to fix things over the course of the month. If you wanna speed one thing up, please donate a copy of Photoshop to me as I could really use it to make my bitmaps turn into gifs. And that's all the news for today.

And that's news! Now on to the good part:


Or later.

And that's it for this part. Go explore the site, I'll just sit here and have a drink. Mmm, vodka...