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Hey guys. Bahamut here. This is my second newest site, my good character site. I have a villain page up now. Kinda sucks, though, but oh well. In case you haven't noticed, this is all Final Fantasy 3 related. So don't email me saying my site sucks because it doesn't have any FF1,2,5,7,8,Tactics,etc. info. I only accept scrutiny if it's relevant to FF3 here. IF you find any FF3 related problems with the site, email me here. Anyway, this would be my second page thus far, and there will be more. I'm done with my Esper site, but again if there is something I'm missing anywhere, tell me. Well, enough talk. On to the list.


Well, there ya have it... The good characters. If I left anything out, email me by clicking the link above. And I mean anything... missing persons, those fabled low-hp attacks, additional location and recruitment stuff, etc. Anyway, PLEASE check out the Esper site if ya haven't already. You can download the game to your computer and an emulator to play it with, check my links, anything that's there. Well, this is Bahamut saying goodbye. GOODBYE!!! COME VISIT AGAIN!!!