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Hello! Yes, that's right. I have another page up. This one's about monsters for FF3. I already have my Esper page and Characters page and my Villains page up so please visit one if not all. Anyway, if you have any suggestions for the page, Email me. Well, this page is about the monsters, so let's get on to them now.
*note: All locations are for ORIGINAL encounters. And I have no HP amounts yet. Please give me some. Also, this is only up until the first fight with Ultros.* Lobo- Narshe.
Guard- Narshe.
Vomammoth- Narshe.
Whelk- Narshe mines.
Whelk Shell(W.Shell)- Narshe mines.
Tritoch- Narshe mines.
Repo Man- Narshe mines.
Vaporite- Narshe mines.
Were Rat- Narshe mines.
Marshal- Narshe mines.
Leafer- Narshe plains.
Dark Wind- Narshe plains.
Sand Ray- Figaro desert.
Areneid- Figaro desert.
M-TekArmor- Figaro.
Hornet- Cave of Figaro.
Crawly- Cave of Figaro.
Bleary-Cave of Figaro.
Rhinotaur- South Figaro plains.
Rhodox- South Figaro plains.
GreaseMonk- South Figaro plains.
Brawler- Mt. Kolts caves.
Tusker- Mt. Kolts caves.
Cirpius- Mt. Kolts.
Trilium- Mt. Kolts.
Vargas- Mt. Kolts.
Ipooh- Mt. Kolts.
Nautiloid- Lete river.
Exocite- Lete river.
Pterodon- Lete river.
Ultros- Lete river.

Well, for now that's it. Hope you come back here again. Bye!