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Hello and welcome to Bahamut's Esper page! This site is almost complete and is going through some changes along with the rest of my site. This section contains FF3 info on Espers, monsters, characters, my villains site, etc. Please give me any feedback on the page by emailing me. Or contact me on ICQ, #73081384.
Anyway, here's what I currently have:


Battle Effect
Spells Learned
RamuhZozoLightning attackBolt *10, Bolt2 *2, Poison *5.
IfritMagitek factoryFire effectFire *10, Fire2 *5, Drain *1.
ShivaFactoryIceIce *10, Ice *5, Rasp *4, Osmose *4, Cure *3.
MaduinFactoryPhysical attackFire2 *3, Ice2 *3, Bolt2 *3.
KirinZozoCasts regenCure *5, Cure2 *1, Regen *3, Antidote *4, Scan *5.
UnicornFactoryCasts remedyCure2 *4, Remedy *3, Dispel *2, Safe *1, Shell *1.
StrayZozoConfuseMuddle *7, Imp *5, Float *2.
StarletOwzer's mansionHeals.Cure *25, Cure2 *16, Cure3 *1, Regen *20, Remedy *20.
PhoenixPhoenix CaveRevives party.Life *10, Life2 *2, Life3 *1, Fire3 *2, Cure3 *3.
PalidorBeach on island at start of World 2Party jumpsHaste *20, Haste2 *2, Slow *20, Slow2 *2, Float *5.
SeraphimTzen, 3000gp postfactoryHealsLife *5, Cure *8, Cure2 *20, Regen *10, Remedy *4.
OdinOdin's CastleInsta-kill; Doesn't always workMeteor *1
BahamutDoom GazeAttacks enemyFlare *2.
RaidenOdin's CastleSame as OdinQuick *1.
BismarkFactoryTidal waveFire *20, Ice *20, Bolt *20, Life *2.
CrusaderBeat the 8 dragonsAttack on everythingMeteor *10, Merton *1
ShoatFactoryStoneBio *8, Break *5, Doom *2.
TritochNarsheFire, Ice, Lightning attack Fire, Ice, Lightning 3 *1.
TerratoNarsheEarth attackQuake *3, Demi *1, White Wind *1.
AlexanderDoma throne after dreamHolyPearl *2, Shell *10, Dispel *10, Safe *10, Remedy *15.
ZoneseekAuctionShellRasp *20, Osmose *15, Shell *5.
RagnarokNarsheTurns enemy into itemUltima *1.
GolemAuctionRaises defenseSafe *5, Stop *5, Cure2 *5.
CarbuncleFactoryReflectReflect *5, Haste *3, Shell *2, Safe *2, Warp *2.
FenrirPhunbabaRaises dexterity, invisibleWarp *10, X-Zone *5, Stop *3.
PhantomFactoryVanishBerserk *3, Vanish *3, Demi *3.
SirenFactorySleepSleep *10, Mute *8, Slow *7, Fire *6.
And that is the Esper list. I may soon provide a link to a "Weapons and Armors" page, but not until I get some info on that topic, and the same with my future "Items" page. Anyway, please email me about spells, powers, and how to get the above espers. Well, this is Bahamut saying goodbye for now!

Here's the locations of the eight dragons:
Storm Dragon- Mt.Zozo
Red Dragon- Phoenix Cave
Ice Dragon- Narshe Hills
White Dragon- Fanatic's Tower
Blue Dragon- Ancient Castle
Dirt Dragon- Opera House
Gold Dragon- Kefka's Tower
Skull Dragon- Kefka's Tower
**NOTES** These are all in the World of Ruin. In Kefka's Tower, the second group fights the gold dragon and the third fights the skull dragon. Kill the dragons and get Crusader.


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FAQs and walkthrus for ff3
Of course, I just got done reading this guide and I must say, it is great. I suggest you read it, as it includes some good game genie codes.

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