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Music. The world thrives on it. People are soothed by music; It can sometimes have a healing effect even. In other words, the world would SUCK without music!! That's why I am devoting my life to it. No, I don't have any MP3's here, but I can recommend some good bands. So I will right now!

Metallica is by far the most influential Metal band of the 20th century, and is breaking through every barrier they can find in the 21st. Yes, they sued Napster, but that was Lars' fault, he was the main guy!!! The music is great, I suggest you get some. But not offa Napster. Lars is watching you:)

Holochaust is a new band from Finland. They're working on getting a contract right now, and I highly suggest you download the song "Valley of Misery" off of or sumthin, you can get there through the page. These guys are great. Valley of Misery was thought by many to be Metallica's unreleased work, so Holochaust band members went around Napster correcting people. The songs are great.

The Offspring have been around since 1994 or so. They have good music, too, I suggest you go out and buy a CD or maybe two. These guys have talent, but noit as much as I would really like, but still, they rock. Plus, they've been around for like 7 years so that's gotta be a good sign.
System of a Down is a great band, pretty new too. Latest album Toxicity is really good, I suggest you hear Shimmy and Chop Suey! soon. You have not lived till you've heard them.
Cyfyr is my band, we're new, should have a CD out before this August 2002, but before Christmas is a big possibility... Look for us. I can't say we're good cuz that would be kinda biased... Waiting for us to record sumthin so i can let people comment on us.

So anyway that's some of the stuff I listen to... Good stuff, huh? Well i gotta go do other stuff now. Seeya later, kiddies...