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Hey, this is Bahamut, with my new page. This one is devoted to the PC game Daggerfall, second game in the Elder Scrolls Series by Bethesda. Great game, I suggest you go out and buy it sometime. Anyway, this is my Daggerfall directory, which will have links to tips for creating characters, pictures of my stuff, a download of my character(Novuus the Argonian) and maybe in a long time his theme song, parody of Kid Rock's "American Badass", named Argonian Badass. Hey, he ain't considered pond scum in the country of Daggerfall for nuthin! And I'll probably have links eventually. Anyway, I won't have the links yet cuz the pages aren't made, so hope you like it so far. Just finished my tips page, here's the link: Bahamut's Daggerfall For Dummies