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Hey, welcome to Bahamut's Daggerfall for Dummies. Here I will give you a few tips for character creation, guilds, etc. I've tried them myself, and they work very well. Here's the first grouping:


-- When choosing your class, I suggest you always go with making a custom class. That way, you get to pick what your character is good at. This is very helpful when you know exactly what your charcter should be doing.
-- If you're making a custom class, then make sure you use the advantage Immunity to Magic. Then give the disadvantages Critical Weakness: Poison and Critical Weakness: Paralysis. Paralysis and Poison are magic based so the Immunity cancels out the other two. This is a great way to lower the amount of time it takes to get a level.
-- ALWAYS choose the advantage that gives you 3X Intelligence in Magic Points. This is one of the most useful things in the game.
-- Make sure you raise the max hit points per level to 30, it's very helpful in the long run.
-- If you choose to answer those questions to determine your character's background, always choose the Ebony Dagger. It's a great weapon for starters.
-- When choosing skills, make sure you get one(maybe two) Weapon skills and a Magic skill as Primary. For Major, get maybe 2 more magics, make sure Mysticism is either Major or Primary. This has one of the most useful spells in the game, Recall. Later on you'll be using that spell till the cows come home. NEVER choose running or jumping as Primary Major or Minor. These can be built up very easily by running and jumping around the towns.
-- Try not to forbid yourself from using certain materials. I forbid myself from Orcish(BIG mistake!) And now that's most of what I find, and it's better than most of my current stuff.

-- The second you get out of Privateers' Hold(first dungeon) make sure you go to a town and join the mages guild. These guys are very useful. -- When you join the Mages guild, buy the Recall spell. When you go to a Dungeon, enter and cast Recall right by the exit and set an anchor. This way you won't have to walk back through the whole dungeon to leave, just teleport. -- Don't piss off the countries of Daggerfall, Wayrest and Sentinel. These are the key countries in the game. -- In the Mages Guild, find the spellmaker, and make a spell, use the effect create item. set the duration or whatever to 1+1 per 2 levels. This lowers the casting cost. Then, join the Fighters' Guild if you haven't already. Cast the spell as much as you can, trying to create all hte steel stuff you can, then rest. It's free in the Fighters' Guild, so you can do this forever and make lots of money selling the worthless stuff. Also, sometimes you get really cool stuff(once I got a mithril helm, but it sucked more than my current one).
-- While it is fun to fight the Daedra, IT IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT FUN TO FIGHT DAEDRALINGS!!! Once I killed hundreds of Daedra before an Ice Daedra got me, but I couldn't even handle one Daedraling. So be careful. -- If you want really good quests, talk to the nobles in a castle somewhere. But save before you talk to them, cuz if they offer a quest you don't like, you can't turn it down or else they won't talk to you anymore. Atm, only the Queen of Daggerfall and a few Wayrest people will talk to me.
-- Get regular repairs at a fighters guild or something. My brother never repaired his ebony dagger, and it broke in the middle of a fight with several unsavory creatures.
-- In the Mages Guild spellmaker, try putting a $ before the spell name. It's supposed to reduce cost, but I dunno. I heard about it after we downloaded the patch that stopped that from working. -- In the city of Daggerfall, go into the store called The Odd Blades. Don't look at any of the shelves. Instead, wait till midnight. Then check all the shelves. The Odd Blades is famous for having the best weapons and armor in the game. You can find ANYTHING in there if you try. Everything from Leather to Daedric, although Daedric is rather rare. The most common stuff is Dwarven. Get the best stuff you can and as much else as you can carry and sell it back to the shop keeper. You can get tens of thousands of dollars IN A SINGLE NIGHT! I've gotten well over 40k from this, and if my Mercantile skill was better, I'd have a few houses by now!!!!!!

Well that's all I have for now. See ya later, people!
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