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This is my directory. I've got all my links around the area here. So, please go around and visit them.

Bahamut's Main FF3 Page

This is the main page I have for Final Fantasy 3 info. It's got links to all the other sites related to FF3, so I won't put up the others.

Bahamut's Music Page

This is my music page. It does not have any downloadable files on it, but it should have links to places you can download. Why no downloads there? Legal stuff, and also I don't wanna spend time uploading crap.

Bahamut's Book

This page contains what I have of my book, The Valley of Misery. The book is still being written, so not all of it is up yet.

Bahamut's Daggerfall Pages

This is my main page for Daggerfall, which you can learn about on the page. It's nowhere near finished though.

Dragons Keep
This is the home of the dragons that guard my page. It's a great place, and the dragons are cool. And I gotta give credit here.

And that's it for now. If you have any questions, comments, please email me. Or contact me on ICQ via #73081384. Well, I gotta go. Bahamut signing off.