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RWK Sales

Presented by Ehlmaris

Currently Selling the following:

If you want one of the above, pm me in game, the name is Ehlmaris. If I'm not on, you can try dropping me a message on AIM, my screen name is DarkTyrynt, or you can email me. Feel free to contact me if you wanna buy something.

I am also acting as a middleman for trades. Here are my current rates:
Total Trade Value* Middleman Prices
Less than 5bil 50 million gold
5bil-25bil 100 million gold
25bil-50bil 1 billion gold
50bil-100bil 5 billion gold
100bil-500bil 10 billion gold
500bil-1tril 25 billion gold
1tril-5tril 50 billion gold
5tril-10tril 100 billion gold
Over 10 trillion gold 250 billion gold

*The total trade value is the sum of the costs of the items being traded, and the costs of what they are being traded for. So, if you were trading 3 Demonic items(about 100bil) for an Earthen item(about 1tril), I would charge 100 billion gold. For paypal exchanges, my exchange rate is $10 per trillion gold. Payment is accepted in 1b specs, EEoT's, EEoGT's, and paypal at the above rate.

I am always buying ash for 35mil each. If you wanna sell at that price, send a trade in game. If I don't snap it up in about forty-five seconds, IM me on AIM.